Marty Golden Raises Almost $400,000

Marty Golden (Photo: Facebook)

Republican State Senator Marty Golden proved that he’s no slouch when it comes to fundraising and reported yesterday that he’s raised $393,000 over the last six months with another $10,000 collected in additional receipts, a very substantial amount for a state legislative race. These numbers represent solid uptick in financial contributions to the Brooklyn State Senator, who collected $225,000 in the last six-month filing period.

Democrats are quick to point out that Senator Golden posted a relatively high burn rate, spending $175,000 of the contributions he took in. In addition to contributions to party committees, much of the spending largely appears to be for fundraising events at restaurants and other locations. Notably Senator Golden’s campaign spent $12,000 on events at the Bay Ridge Manor, something he’s been criticized for in the past as the property is a Golden family business.

Senator Golden’s campaign chest gives him a sizable boost as he looks to fend off a challenge from his probably Democratic opponent, Andrew Gounardes. The Senate Democrats appear to be targeting the popular Republican State Senator this election much more heavily than they have in past cycles.

A source familiar with Mr. Gounardes’ fundraising indicated that he’s unlikely to match Mr. Golden’s campaign contributions this cycle.

Marty Golden Raises Almost $400,000