Met Museum Guards Must Answer Many Dumb Questions

(Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

Here’s a little slice of New York life for you, straight from The New York Times‘ Metropolitan Diary: it turns out that the guards at the Metropolitan Museum of Art are frequently asked very dumb questions.

From Times reader Rebecca M. Painter:

“I approached a somber-looking woman in museum uniform and said, ‘Excuse me, but I have a dumb question.’ She seemed to perk up receptively, so I asked where we could find the Madonna they’d paid a king’s ransom for, the one with the burnt frame.

“‘Oh, that would be the Duccio, three doors down in the center.’

“She smiled kindly and reassured me: ‘That’s not a stupid question. I’ve been asked, ‘Where’s the Basketball Hall of Fame?’ ‘Do these stairs go up as well as down?’ And—my favorite—‘Where’s the art?’”

Ho ho! Some of those guards are artists themselves, you know.

Met Museum Guards Must Answer Many Dumb Questions