More Fun with Le Whif Inhalable Food Products (Video)

Huffing desserts: the future of food, or gateway drug?

What could go wrong?

Earlier this month, several members of the New York Observer staff took one for the team and tried out AeroShot Pure Energy, a “breathable caffeine product” that Senator Chuck Schumer has been campaigning to outlaw. It didn’t go so well.

Yet despite the liveblogging of our panic attack and possible allergic reactions to the products, the company behind AeroShot sent us more of their products, including their line of Le Whif “Whiffable Chocolate Powder.” This time, we videotaped the results. For science!

The flavors of Le Whif come in Chocolate Raspberry, Chocolate Mint, and just regular chocolate. After a brief moment of confusion over how to work the inhalers, we took our shots. Not half bad! At this point, we’re almost getting used to the suffocating sensation of the burning powder as it sprays directly into our gullets. Now we know what it would feel like to suck Swiss Mix through a tracheotomy tube.

Still, we’re still not positive that Le Whif is a product that should be put on shelves. Should we really be teaching kids that the best way to consume delicious treats is through huffing them. From there, it’s only a short step to tanking Whip-its in order to create a hot chocolate combo. We’ll have a nation full of Demi Moores before you know it. More Fun with Le Whif Inhalable Food Products (Video)