Morning Links: Young British Artists 2.0 Edition

Courtesy the Guardian.

Arab art more popular at auction, perhaps due to the recent political shifts in the region. [The Guardian]

Oy. Meet the “YBA 2.0” [The Guardian]

American Folk Art Museum opens first show back in Lincoln Square. [DNAInfo]

Ed Ruscha talks about using gunpowder. [YouTube via @Gagosian]

Your Chinese-art-market article of the day: “Tread carefully in Chinese art market, experts say.” Unlike the non-Chinese art world, in which you are encouraged to buy indiscriminately. [Reuters]

Fresh from the debut of his new work in Qatar, Richard Serra explains that he would not work in Saudi Arabia or Syria. [Artforum]

The widow of Arthur M. Sackler gives the Smithsonian $5 million. [NYT]

An interview with Reinhold Wuerth. [Bloomberg]

And Simon Fujiwara talks to the Financial Times about his show at Tate St. Ives. [FT]

Morning Links: Young British Artists 2.0 Edition