Morning Read: Casino Complications; Cuomo and New Teacher Evals; Big Money for Senate GOP

Andrew Cuomo will use the budget cudgel to force teachers into a new evaluation systems.

Cuomo is also said to be looking at pension reform, allowing new hires to opt into a 401(k) style and out of a defined benefit plan.

State Senate Republicans have a huge cash advantage heading into the elections next year.

The Post says that efforts by Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn to raise wages will lead to more job losses.

Michael Gianaris and Peter Vallone would like a Manhattan judge to order Morgan Stanley to pay more in an electricity price-fixing scheme.

The average retail worker in New York makes $9.50 an hour, although benefits are scarce and most of the jobs are part time, a new study finds.

A  top-rated charter school in Williamsburg is decamping for East New York, angering residents of both neighborhoods.

New casinos in New York will likely need approval from the Port Authority, but with half of the commissioners of the PA hailing from New Jersey, they may not approve it, since the new casinos would cut into Atlantic City’s business.

Despite Cuomo’s call for a new convention center, the Javits Center facelift is proceeding as planned.

A group of minority and female business leaders are fighting rules that prevent the wealthy from participating in the state’s MWBE program.

The neighborhood where police shot a resident while responding to a robbery has long seen tense relations between NYPD and locals.

The Times looks at transit agencies around the country have to adapt to more obese riders.

Bed bugs at the housing agency are eating into justice: Housing Court cases have been postponed after HPD shipped off some of its files for bed bug fumigation.

The Museum of Natural History will train students to become science teachers.

Norman Siegel is opening up a new law firm that will focus on civil liberties issues with three other partners.

Graffiti featuring the words “Die Jews” and images of swastikas appeared on buildings in Midwood this weekend.

Rick Santorum is trying to play “the nice card,” and ask his fellow candidates to back off the attacks.

Morning Read: Casino Complications; Cuomo and New Teacher Evals; Big Money for Senate GOP