Morning Read: King on Newt; Hydrofracking Overflow; Cuomo and Shelly Spar

State Senate candidate Andrew Gounardes, at a fundraiser

Peter King on Newt Gingrich: “All Newt ever cared about was Newt. He’s the single most narcissistic guy I’ve ever met in politics.”

Barack Obama raised $42 million in the first quarter.

The veepstakes race is well under way, and it seems to be between Marco Rubio and John Thune.

Today is the State of the City, and Henry Goldman notes that Bloomberg will struggle to enact his agenda because the city is facing the prospect of 10,000 lost Wall Street jobs and a $2 billion budget deficit.

Bloomberg backed away from a plan to limit to booze sales in the city.

The rift between Shelly Silver and Andrew Cuomo is growing.

Is Ruben Diaz’s desire to run for public advocate the key to a deal on the Kingsbridge Armory?

Food stamp recipients have mixed feelings about being finger-stamped.

Andrew Cuomo isn’t looking at killing the Triborough Amendment, which allows labor unions to work under existing contracts they expire.

For the first time, New York City is closing a charter school for the offense of simply being mediocre.

All state agencies have to cut spending by 2.5 percent.

Churches are facing a court-imposed deadline to get out of New York City public schools.

Good government groups are backing away from the word “nonpartisan” in their talk of redistricting reform.

The DEP received 20,000 comments about hydro-fracking, more than any other issue in its history.

The Bloomberg administration has asked state environmental authorities to keep proposed upstate natural gas drilling as much as 7 miles from the city’s water tunnels to protect them from earthquake damage.

GOP lawmakers in the State Senate are rebuffing local legislators efforts to raise taxes.

Bus tracking has begun on Staten Island, Andrew Grossman reports.

Upon further review, Joe Lhota favors a smart card program for the MTA.

Ugh. Bushmeat smuggled into the city could spread disease.



Morning Read: King on Newt; Hydrofracking Overflow; Cuomo and Shelly Spar