Morning Read: Schumer’s Power; GOP Establishment for Paul; Bloomberg Works Blue

Wikipedia, Craigslist and other websites are going black today to protest impending anti-piracy legislation. The DN has a good explainer here.

At his annual budget address, Andrew Cuomo proposed a new teacher evaluation system. pension reform and the consolidation of some government agencies.

The Times-Union says  Cuomo needs to do more for mandate relief for  cash-strapped counties and municipalities.

The leader of the state’s largest public sector union called Cuomo’s pension reforms “an assault on the middle class.”

State education commissioner John King kept up the heat on teacher evaluations in a conference call immediately after the speech.

The four GOP Senators who voted to legalize same-sex marriage received a big bump in campaign donations, which gay rights activists hope sends a signal to lawmakers across the country that they will back supporters of marriage equality, regardless of party.

Mike Bloomberg said that teacher’s unions, protected by last-in first out rules don’t “give a shit” about funding cuts from Albany.

Bill Hammond says that Andrew Cuomo has tamed the Albany beast, and now must take on the unions.

Ken Lovett sees Cuomo diving headfirst into some of the state’s thorniest problems after stablizing Albany in his first year.

John Liu is spending two-thirds of his campaign contributions on defending himself from a federal investigation into his campaign finance practices.

In a high-priced office buildings, the advantage has swung from landlords to tenants.

The homeless teen who is a semi-finalist for the Intel Science Talent Search will be Steve Israel’s guest at the State of the Union.

Just as the Landmarks Preservation Commission voted to make the north side of Tompkins Square Park a historic district, the Buildings Department granted permits to a developer to build there.

There is still no contract between the TWU and the MTA.

Across the river, Chris Christie called for a 10% across the board tax cut in an adress that was far less combative than is typically the case.

Christie said that Jersey can’t be like New York, which is instituting tax increases–a point Andrew Cuomo would be sure to disagree with.

The leader of 32 BJ, Hector Figuera, pushed back on Newt Gingrich’s claims that janitors were overpaid and should be replaced by school children.

GQ names Chuck Schumer the 17th most powerful person in Washington.

Jonathan Chait writes that “Romney, by normal standards, is a terrible candidate. He is nowhere near as formidable as John McCain was four years before.”

A new poll though gives him a solid lead over his GOP rivals.

The Republican Party establishment seems to be embracing Ron Paul.

Could Barack Obama have done more to stabilize the housing market?

Sarah Palin sure sounded like she was endorsing Newt Gingrich.

Morning Read: Schumer’s Power; GOP Establishment for Paul; Bloomberg Works Blue