Morning Read: SOTU Recaps; NYPD Backtracks; $50K For A Seat With Cuomo

During his State of the Union last night, President Barack Obama named AG Eric Schneiderman the head of a new special unit to investigate misconduct and illegalities that contributed to both the financial collapse and the mortgage crisis.

Here is the entire State of the Union last night, in text and video.

Obama’s most memorable line was “America is back;” but the takeaway from the speech was, “I’m Back,” says the Washington Post.

Uber-blogger Andrew Sullivan said “the sheer cramped, tedious, mediocre micro-policies he listed were uninspiring to say the least.”

The New York GOP is gearing up for a possibly contested presidential primary in April, assuming that Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich et al are still fighting it out.

The operator of the Aqueduct racino ponied up $100,000 to state lawmakers amid Gov. Cuomo’s push for full-scale Las Vegas-style gambling in the state.

Seats on a panel discussion with Gov. Andrew Cuomo this week are going for up to $50,000. The funds will go to the Democratic Governors Association.

The state Senate GOP wants to bring to Queens the chamber’s first Asian-majority district to go along with an Orthodox Jewish-majority district in Brooklyn, according to The Daily News.

Adolfo Carrion refused to rule out a run for mayor or comptroller in 2013.

Mike Bloomberg had nothing but praise for Gov. Andrew Cuomo at the annual “Tin Cup Day” in Albany.

New Erie County executive Mark Poloncarz–whom Cuomo worked hard to help elect–also was gushing in his praise of the Gov.

Chief NYPD spokesman Paul Browne reversed himself after being presented with statement from the filmaker that Ray Kelly participated in an anti-Muslim police training film. Write Jim Dwyer, “He did not offer an explanation as to why he and the commissioner, on Tuesday, remembered so much of their decision.”

Bloomberg said that the showing of the film showed “terrible judgment.”

Dorothy Torano, mother of Michael Turano, companion to Carl Kruger, is staying at her $109,000 a year post on a Brooklyn community board, giving the GOP a campaign issue.

Customs officials plan to shut down the inspection station at the Red Hook Terminal Market.

A plan to approve a downtown Brooklyn skyscraper historic district passed out of a key City Council committee over the objections of landlords.

Restaurant operators do not like the new letter grade system.

The president of the AFL-CIO op-eds against Andrew Cuomo’s pension reforms, saying they would eviscerate retirement security.

John Liu will deliver his own “State of…” address next month.

New York has made some progress in its efforts to improve teacher quality, ranking 13th out of the 50 states and the District of Columbia in a report released Wednesday. NY received a C, up from a D+ two years ago.

Chris Christie said he would veto a same-sex marriage bill in New York, and instead would like voters to decide the matter on a referendum.

Is Mitt Romney reliving 2008?

GOP leaders want Mitt Romney to embrace his inner rich guy.

Morning Read: SOTU Recaps; NYPD Backtracks; $50K For A Seat With Cuomo