Nate Westheimer Going Full Startup With Stealthy Picturelife

OMGPOP founder Charles Forman and Threadless co-founder Jacob Dehart.

Mr. Westheimer.

Back in August, Betabeat rumored that Nate Westheimer was doing a collabo with his buddy Charles Forman, the charming OMGPOP founder who regretfully has retreated from the spotlight of late.

Well, we were sort of right. But only sort of. Intel that the startup was “something to do with social gaming” was off, as VentureBeat’s Ben Popper revealed today, and there is a third imminent personality involved: Jacob DeHart of Threadless.

Mr. Westheimer is taking an even further step back from his duties at New York Tech Meetup (managing director Jessica Lawrence has been there since April, almost a year now) and going full startup with a stealth project called Picturelife, which VentureBeat reports is funded to the tune of $600,000 from angel investors, most of whom are in New York.

Picturelife is a Flickr competitor, offering cloud storage for photos that syncs across devices. “Picturelife is the best way to keep all your photos backed up, synced, and organized so you can access them anywhere,” the site says. The product will be freemium, but it’s paid access only for now, in order to control the size of the beta pool. Try to sign up, and Picturelife wants $7 a month or $70 a year and asks for a credit card.

Nate Westheimer Going Full Startup With Stealthy Picturelife