New Menace to Society: ‘Text Neck’


Not only does the internet make you stupid, it makes you sick! BlackBerry thumb, meet text neck. There have been stories in the mainstream media about this terrible epidemic caused by looking down at one’s phone; now there’s a Text Neck Institute and, according to a press release from today’s crowded Monday inbox, topical treatments:

As electronic devices like smartphones, e-readers and tablets become the devices of choice for the tech crowd, add ‘text neck’ to your new digital dictionary.

Text neck results from frequent texting or looking down at your mobile device for extended periods of time and chiropractors say it is on the rise and is quickly becoming a global epidemic.

The repetitive stress injury caused by flexing of the neck for prolonged periods can result in tightness across the shoulder, cause headaches and neck soreness and can even result in permanent arthritic damage if left untreated.

Pain relief products such as Topical BioMedics’ Topricin Pain Relief and Healing Cream can help provide relief from symptoms of text neck.

Has there been a real technology-induced condition since carpal tunnel syndrome? New Menace to Society: ‘Text Neck’