NYC Product Designers Unite, Name Themselves After the Police

Woop-woop, that's the sound of da police.

NYTM, meet NYPD.

Some people are tired of hearing about the lack of engineers in New York City. Developers, developers, developers! Product designers are in high demand too, you guys. And now they have their own organization.

Betabeat got a tip in our inbox this week alerting us to a new site for New York Product Designers or NYPD. Under the tagline, “New York’s Finest,” the site features the names and Twitter links to the top product designers from local startups like Codecademy (Allison House), Kickstarter (Andrew Cornett, Zach Sears, Jessica Harllee), Etsy (Kim Bost, Randy Hunt, Magera Holton), Forrst (Kyle Bragger), Svpply (Allan Yu), and more. Three more names have been added in just the past few days.

The tipster, who signed off “911 operator” (okay, let’s not get carried away here),  said that for now, “It’s just a list to help ourselves because there are so few of us compared to the devs in NY. But we’re looking to grow into hosting meetups, sharing design resources, and posting jobs at startups.”

With all the recent Silicon Valley transplants hiring in New York, the site could also serve as a handy poachables list. Now who else was nice enough to do something like that . . . .

NYC Product Designers Unite, Name Themselves After the Police