Greg Kelly, Fox 5 News Anchor and Son of NYPD Commissioner, Accused of Rape

Greg Kelly

The New York Times is reporting that the Manhattan District Attorney is investigating charges of sexual assault leveled at WNYW (Fox) anchor Greg Kelly. Mr. Kelly, son of New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, allegedly committed the act in October 2011 in Lower Manhattan.

Mr. Kelly issued a denial through his attorney, Andrew Lankler:

“Mr. Kelly is aware that the New York County District Attorney’s office is conducting an investigation,” the statement said. “Mr. Kelly strenuously denies any wrongdoing of any kind, and is cooperating fully with the district attorney’s investigation. We know the district attorney’s investigation will prove Mr. Kelly’s innocence.”

According to the Times, Mr. Kelly’s accuser reported the incident at the 13th Precinct station on Tuesday. She said she met Kelly on October 8 and had drinks then went to her office, where she said the rape occurred.

The victim told police her boyfriend found out and in his anger confronted police Commissioner Ray Kelly about it during a public function. After the irate boyfriend supposedly told Commissioner Kelly that his son had “ruined” his girlfriend’s life. The commissioner told him to write a letter about it.

To avoid any appearance of conflict of interest, the N.Y.P.D. has turned over investigation of the charges against Greg Kelly to the Manhattan D.A.

Greg Kelly has been co-host of Good Day New York since 2008. Previously he was a Fox News anchor and Fox White House correspondent between 2005-2007. Greg Kelly, Fox 5 News Anchor and Son of NYPD Commissioner, Accused of Rape