Party Time! New York-Based House Party Raises $5.3 M. for Parties

Are we invited?

A typical party pack.

House Party does not know how to write a press release. “House Party, Inc., a leading social media company that combines digital media and word-of-mouth marketing with brand-inspired, in-home events”? No. No, no. How about, “House Party, a company that sends you free shit for your house party, raises $5.3 million Series C to send you free shit for your house party”?

The New York-based company is creating a new market for marketers: sponsor a party pack and have social influencers pass out your goods to their friends in a happy, safe place, hopefully with booze, all coordinated on Friends can even attend virtually. House Party’s round was led by the New York-based venture firm Acadia Woods Partners, and comes after about $4.6 million raised.

Kraft, McDonald’s, Playstation, and Courvoisier have all given the service a spin. Brands can use the in-home parties to promote or preview new products, like Godiva Truffletinis, not unlike fellow New York startup Crowdtap, which has started to encourage users to host branded parties. Party-goers are encouraged to photograph, video record, tweet about and otherwise share the unboxing of their party packs.

House Party was founded by the illustrious Gene DeRose, of dot-com legend Jupiter Communications and the recently buzzed-about mobile app Want.It, more than five years ago.

“The funding will be used to accelerate growth of the business, including investments in key sales and marketing initiatives and strategic new hires,” said a press release. So, not party hats. Right.

Party Time! New York-Based House Party Raises $5.3 M. for Parties