Politico: Christie will address House GOP

Politico is reporting that Gov. Chris Christie has been invited to address House Republicans during their annual two-day retreat this week.

The keynote address continues Christie’s ascent as a national player as he casts an eye toward a potential role in the adminsitration of Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, should Romney win in November.

Should Romney lose his bid, Christie will no doubt be eyeing a potential 2016 run for President.

Last year’s speakers included then-Gov. Haley Barbour of Mississippi, Govs. Rick Perry of Texas, Bob McDonnell of Virginia and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.  Both Perry and Gingrich are vying for the Republican presidential nomination this year.

Politico points out that Christie is perhaps the most visible surrogate for Romney and is speaking at a time when none of the GOP House leadership team have taken a side in the presidential contest.

Politico: Christie will address House GOP