Ron Paul Doesn’t Want To Talk About His Newsletters

During last night’s Republican presidential debate, Ron Paul said the firestorm over the controversial racial statements in his early 1990’s newsletters distracts from the real issues around race in this country.

He also invoked Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks while arguing he’s really the best candidate for African Americans.

“Concentrating on something that was written twenty years ago that I didn’t write, you know, is diverting the attention from most of the important issues,” Mr. Paul said. “More importantly, you ought to ask me what my relationship is for racial relationships, and one of my heroes is Martin Luther King, because he practiced the libertarian principle of peaceful resistance and peaceful civil disobedience, as did Rosa Parks did. But also, I’m the only one up here and the only one in the Democratic party that understands true racism in this country’s in the juficial system.” Read More Ron Paul Doesn’t Want To Talk About His Newsletters