Roundup: Redistricting Fallout

Hakeem Jeffries and other officials spoke at an education rally criticizing Mayor Bloomberg today.

Peter Vallone comments on his redistricting comments.

Gatemouth analyzes the redistricting situation.

Governor Cuomo’s criticism of the latest maps: “Undue Political Influence”

He also says redistricting is a “complicated topic.”

Don’t expect independent redistricting reform this cycle.

Some are looking forward to the next decade’s redistricting process.

A key redistricting official said Cuomo delayed the maps’ release.

The same official says the new primary date will push redistricting forward.

The Independent Senate Democrats can’t transfer as much money to their members as the other parties.

Joe Addabbo’s new district looks like it could be for Bob Turner.

A former State Senator who went to actually federal prison has some advice for Carl Kruger.

Keith Wright hires a fundraiser for a possible run for Congress.

Hakeem Jeffries says marijuana reform is needed to reign in the NYPD.

Jumaane Williams criticizes Mayor Bloomberg’s defense of Paul Browne.

Council candidate Jason Otaño’s full Perez Notes interview.

Cy Vance on the Kelly rape case.

Senators are pushing to outlaw food eating on the subway.

On the presidential race:

Enter Jesse Jackson.

Mitt Romney pledges a statehood process for Puerto Rico.

It looks like Ron Paul did know about those newsletters.

Newt Gingrich has an excuse for his lackluster debate performance.

Romney’s debate coach gets props for his strong performance last night.

The TV ratings for the GOP debates so far.

Gingrich’s time may be up.

Roundup: Redistricting Fallout