Sarkozy Sis Buys on UES for 2.9 M. Euros

Charlotte Sarkozy

As her brother-in-law faces a toughh re-election in France, it seems Charlotte Sarkozy has a different set of priorities. Ms. Sarkozy, who is locked in divorce proceedings with  the president’ s half brother, has just purchased condo at 125 East 74th Street on the Upper East Side.

And while the French may face a 9.5% unemployment rate and the potential of an apocalyptic Euro crash on the horizon, that doesn’t seem to have affected Ms. Sarkozy: the new home is a comfortable $3.7 million, according to city records.

Ms. Sarkozy is in the midst of a bitter divorce battle with her soon to be ex-husband, Olivier, call me Oliver (when in Les Etas Unis, anyway). The two met in 1997 and, just three months later, got married. At the time, Ms. Sarkozy’s wealthy family asked Mr. Sarkozy to sign a pre-nup to protect her familial assets. Now, however, Ms. Sarkozy is working to void the pre-nup (signed en France).

The couple own a storied townhouse, once owned by Richard Avedon, which they purchased in 2005. It is currently in contract for $8.995 million.

While her new place, is significantly smaller than that townhouse, Ms. Sarkozy will not want for much in her new place. The 2,270-square-foot duplex has four full bedrooms and three baths, according to a listing from Corcoran agents Robby Browne, Chris Kahn and Gregory Sullivan. Both the 390-square-foot living room and the 250-square-foot master suite feature wood burning fireplaces.

The home was previously owned by Pietro and Alejandra Cicognani who have lived in the building since 1994.


Sarkozy Sis Buys on UES for 2.9 M. Euros