Say NO to SOPA, Alley vs Valley (NFL Edition) and Tech Events This Week

This is a guest post from Gary Sharma (aka “The Guy with the Red Tie”), Founder of GarysGuide, Mentor at

This is a guest post from Gary Sharma (aka “The Guy with the Red Tie”), Founder of GarysGuide, Mentor at ER Accelerator and proud owner of a whole bunch of black suits, white shirts and, at last count, over 40 red ties. You can follow him at @garysguide and reach him via email at gary [at]

Night of the Living Dead SOPA / PIPA Chainsaw Massacre Part IV

Awwwwwwwwright, SOPA is DEAD! We did it, folks! The interwebs and twitterati and blogosphere and ce-web-rities and all came together and stuck it to the Man (or rather Men in Washington, and their lobbyist chums and their old media deep pocketed fat cat friends). Time to partayyyy! …. Oh wait, hold on now … I’m getting some new updates. What’s that I hear? Uhh-ohh, SOPA ain’t dead, y’all, its just “shelved”. SHELVED. Hmmmmmm, lets focus our attention on that word for a moment, shall we?

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from watching countless horror movies, its that you better make sure that chainsaw-wielding, mask-wearing, havoc-causing, small town terrorizing, leather faced zombie creature thing is dead. I mean really, truly completely stone cold blown-up-into-a-thousand-pieces-that-cant-put-themselves-back-together-ever-again dead. Cuz we all know what happens when that thing is just “SHELVED” and only pretending to be dead but ain’t and u let ur guard down and start high fiving ur buddies and then that hot girl you always had a crush on gives u that scared shitless mouth open jaw dropping look and u wonder what she’s looking at behind ur shoulder and u feel that tingling sensation at the back of ur neck and the hairs on ur body starts to rise and ur heart starts racing at a hundred miles an hour and u sense the presence of pure evil breathing down on u and u start to turn ….. but oh noes … it … is … toooooo … late ……….. !

Now you wouldn’t want that to happen to you, right? 😉 So make sure to show up with the rest of us tomorrow afternoon outside the offices of Senators Schumer and Gillibrand. Say No to SOPA!

Alley vs Valley NFL Edition!

Ahhhhh, the never-ending East Coast vs. West Coast soap opera / epic saga that is “Alley vs. Valley.” Tumblr vs. Facebook. Cornell vs. Stanford. DUMBO vs. SOMA. Crowley vs. Zuckerberg. And just when you thought things couldn’t get any more exciting, the powers that be dump this gem-of-a-playoff-matchup in our laps. Thats right, y’all. Eli Manning ‘n the New Yawk Giants will be dueling it out with Alex Smith ‘n the San Francisco 49’ers at CandleStick Park next Sunday, Jan 22, in the NFC Championship game for a chance to go to da Super Bowl. So if u consider urself an honest-to-goodness-salt-of-the-earth New York Techie, you are going to skip all those fancy shmancy red carpet-y award shows for once and are going to watch the game. Go Giants!

Tech Events This Week
And now lets see where all the tech sistahs and brothas are hangin’ out in da hood this week…

NYC Lean Startup Meetup: Experiments & MVPs: Lessons from the Field
Ok so we all agree, Lean is pretty much the way to go. But how do you go lean? Go get the inside scoop on the art of lean from entrepreneurs in the trenches practicing lean including David Bloom (, Michele Serro (The ABC Tool), Shane Snow (Contently), Nick Stamas ( and Cheryl Yeoh (CityPockets).
Tuesday, 6:30 p.m. @ Pivotal Labs, 841 Broadway 8th Floor

How To Transition From Finance Into Tech
The event you need to forward to every wall streeter friend of yours 😉
Tuesday, 8 p.m. @ Kaffe 1668, 275 Greenwich St Lower Floor

Women Entrepreneurs Festival
Co-chaired by the awesome Joanne Wilson (aka Gotham Gal aka Mrs Fred Wilson), this festival has a rockstar speaker list including Arianna Huffington (Founder, Huffington Post), Jennifer Hyman (CoFounder, Rent The Runway), Jen Bekman (Founder 20×200), Amanda Hesser (Founder, Food52), Sarah Tavel (Bessemer Venture Partners) and more.
Wednesday, 9 a.m. @ NYU Tisch School of the Arts, 721 Broadway

WebVisions: Explore the future of the Web
Whats that? SNL’s Fred Armisen is the keynote speaker at a tech event this week? AND he’s previewing the season premiere of Portlandia’s second season there? I think y’all should put a bird on that and go 😉
Wednesday, 9 a.m. @ Hudson Hotel, 356 W 58th Street

Emergency NY Tech Meetup: Join us to stop SOPA and PIPA
The future of the NY tech community is in jeopardy. Will you be there?
Wednesday, 12:30 p.m. @ Offices of Senator Charles Schumer & Kirstin Gillibrand, 780 3rd Avenue

New York TEDx Community Happy Hour
Confused by all the umpteen TEDxes happening all over town? Then come on over, have a drink or two and schmooze with fellow TEDxers and learn more.
Wednesday, 6 p.m. @ Venue to be decided

Database Month! 10gen CTO Eliot Horowitz, MongoDB: Scalable & Agile Document DB
What better way to celebrate Database Month than hanging out with 10gen (MongoDB) CoFounder & CTO, Eliot Horowitz, no?
Thursday, 6:30 p.m. @ Pivotal Labs, 841 Broadway 13th Floor

Women Innovate Mobile (WIM) Reception sponsored by Everyscreen Media
Wherein you get to meetup with some amazing female founders and entrepreneurs and learn more about the WIM Accelerator.
Thursday, 7 p.m. @ Everyscreen Media, 160 Mercer Street 3rd Floor

Cleanweb Hackathon
Are you a hacker? Do you like making stuff that helps make stuff green and clean and energy efficient and sustainable? Then this one should be a no-brainer!
Friday, 6 a.m. @ NYU ITP, 721 Broadway 4th Floor

More on the horizon…

SXSW Interactive NYC Community Meet Up on Jan 23 @ Drom
Digital Media MBA January Happy Hour on Jan 23 @ Solas
Learn How to Get Your First or Next Million Users on Jan 24 @ Metro Baptist Church (no religion to be taught!)
Inaugural NY Enterprise Technology Meetup on Jan 25 @ Cooley
NY Video Jan 2012 Meetup on Jan 26 @ Aol HQ
Digital DUMBO 3rd Year Anniversary Party on Jan 26 @ Dumbo Loft

Until next week. Stay thirsty social, my friends! 😉 Say NO to SOPA, Alley vs Valley (NFL Edition) and Tech Events This Week