Senator Daniel Squadron: ‘Partisan Redistricting is a Poisonous Process’

Senator Squadron (Photo: NYS Senate)

State Senator Daniel Squadron doesn’t think the new legislative lines proposed by the Republican Senate Majority will hurt him, but he still blasted the redistricting process as partisan and unjust in a statement sent out soon after the maps were released.

“Even though the worst of the Republican political shenanigans aren’t impacting the district I represent as they are some of my colleagues’ districts, the conclusion is undeniable: partisan redistricting is a poisonous process,” Senator Squadron.

Senator Squadron currently represents the 25th District, which includes the Lower East Side and some Brooklyn neighborhoods along the East River. Under the proposed redistricting, Senator Squadron will now be in the 26th District, but apart from the number, the boundaries are largely unchanged. Even though he doesn’t the new lines to affect his district, Senator Squadron said the redistricting process was “politically motivated” and shows the “arrogance” of the Republican Senate majority.

“Before the 2010 election, every member of the Senate majority pledged to create an independent redistricting process. Now they are breaking the pledge they made to the people and putting politics before their promise,” Senator Squadron said. “It’s no surprise that these politically motivated maps represent the same arrogance as their broken pledge: politicians choosing their constituents, so that constituents lose the power to choose their representatives.”

Governor Cuomo has repeatedly pushed for an independent redistricting process and vowed to veto lines drawn by the State legislature, but he has also hinted willingness to compromise because a veto could lead to “chaos and uncertainty.”

Senator Squadron ended his response to the proposed legislative lines by expressing support for Governor Cuomo’s call for an independent redistricting process and urging voters to get  involved.

“As the Governor has said, any lines drawn in this process must not stand. Voters must make their voices heard now so that their votes can make a difference in November,” Senator Squadron said.

Senator Daniel Squadron: ‘Partisan Redistricting is a Poisonous Process’