Six Arrests At Occupy Wall Street Protest in Union Square

The banner for todays protest

Despite a less-than-impressive turnout yesterday for several of OWS’ New York events, Martin Luther King Day has provided ample time off for protesters to gather in the chill of Union Square and have their constitutional amendments trampled upon. Just as MLK Jr. himself would have done.

According to AM New York transit reporter Mark Beja who has been down at 14th St. for over an hour, protesters first assembled in the lobby of the Bank of America at University and 13th as part of today’s Occupy the Dream protests, which was scheduled to include a trip to 13  Federal Reserves nationwide. Four participants refused to leave and were promptly arrested. Perhaps the demonstrators were just getting warmed up, because the banks were all closed today for the holiday.

Undeterred, the OWS-ers went to Whole Foods between Broadway and University and began their picketing anew. They left right as the police were about to descend for a second time. The police also blocked the entrance to Best Buy on 4th Ave, and arrested two more Occupiers, one of whom allegedly shoved an officer trying to make another arrest.

So far there has not been word of other arrests in the 12 cities outside of New York that are participating in Occupy the Dream. Tomorrow, it should be noted, will be the four month anniversary of OWS, as well as the planned Occupy Congress protest in D.C. Six Arrests At Occupy Wall Street Protest in Union Square