Storobin Begins Campaign Advertising

Storobin Campaign Poster (Photo: Sheepshead Bites)

The special election to replace corrupt State Senator Carl Kruger is getting underway, and GOP candidate David Storobin is ramping up his advertising efforts. Sheepshead Bites notes “[c]ampaign posters for Republican underdog David Storobin’s State Senate campaign have popped up all over the neighborhood in the past week.

Additionally, a reader who lives relatively far outside of the special election district noted that she was seeing advertisements for Mr. Storobin’s Facebook page.

The media moves represent Mr. Storobin looking to lock down as much of the vote as possible in these early stage of the March 20th special election. The campaign posters themselves, with “Business Owner … Shares Your Values” featured as the leading text, also reveal the candidate’s campaign messaging will emphasize a small business angle.

The only reported advertising so far on behalf of the Democratic candidate, Councilman Lew Fidler, was a newspaper ad purchased before Mr. Kruger pleaded guilty to federal corruption charges and resigned in disgrace.

Update: Councilman Fidler’s office sends over a statement:

“$60,000 of Mr. Storobin’s family money might buy him some pretty posters, but it won’t hide the fact that he is completely out of touch with the community.  Councilman Fidler’s record speaks for itself.  Mr. Storobin can corner the market on buying pretty posters, but he won’t buy this Senate seat.”

Storobin Begins Campaign Advertising