Teacher loan redemption bill clears committee

TRENTON – The Senate Education Committee released a bill that would establish a loan redemption program for teachers teaching in New Jersey.

The New Jersey College Loans to Assist State Students Loan Program would reimburse the loan amounts of those who decide to teach in New Jersey.  Previously, the bill  (S543) included just public schools. But an amended version that the committee approved includes non-public schools as well.

The bill was released by a bill of 3-1 , with Sen. Mike Doherty casting the lone no vote.

Sen. Diane Allen (D-7) of Burlington, abstained, saying she would have preferred the loan redemption program include a requirement that the teachers teach in underprivileged areas. 

“I have trouble with this, given our financial situation,” she said.

However, bill sponsor Nia Gill said the bill could serve as an economic engine, prompting more people to enter the field to replace Baby Boomers who’re retiring from the field.

  Teacher loan redemption bill clears committee