Twenty-two universities, including Rutgers, to share in $77M research program

TRENTON – Twenty-two university programs, including one at Rutgers University, will share in $77 million in transportation-related grants, the U.S. Department of Transportation announced today.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said this morning that the grants will fund work in research, education, and technology transfer.

Each school will receive a $3.5 million grant that must be matched with funds from non-federal sources, LaHood said in announcing the program.

“Transportation matters in everyone’s daily life. These research centers will help us solve the transportation challenges we face today and those that we know lay ahead of us,” LaHood said in a release.

The various University Transportation Centers conduct research that supports the priorities of the U.S. Department of Transportation.

UTC projects are peer-reviewed and the results of their work are shared with the national transportation community to encourage greater progress through collaboration, the Department of Transportation reported.

The selected universities will research a wide range of transportation-related issues including shared rail corridors, innovations in multimodal freight and infrastructure, bridge inspection methods, and reducing roadway fatalities and injuries. Twenty-two universities, including Rutgers, to share in $77M research program