U.S. Declares Venezuelan Diplomat “Persona non Grata”

Castro and Chavez, besties forever (Getty Images)

In a development that will surely make no one nervous about the future plans of U.S. foes, the Obama administration has expelled Venezuela’s consul general in Miami over alleged discussions of cyber-attacks against the United States. Diplomat Livia Acosta Noguera was declared persona non grata by the State Department on Sunday and must return to Venezuela by Tuesday.

Acosta was targeted after the FBI began investigating statements made in a Univision documentary broadcast in December. In “The Iranian Threat” she talked about cyber-attacks on American targets while she was stationed in Mexico. Acosta also discussed diplomatic missions to Cuba and Iran as well as scouting for info on computer systems at U.S. nuclear plants. According to CNN, Hugo Chavez has said the Univision broadcast was nothing but “lies,” because what else would Hugo Chavez take a break from air-guitaring to say?

[NBC Miami] U.S. Declares Venezuelan Diplomat “Persona non Grata”