UFC Versus Anonymous Versus California Cop

Officer would go after hackers "with both guns"

A Richmond, CA police officer has made the mistake of inserting himself into the middle of a bout between Anonymous and Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White.

The hackers and the exec had been sparring over the Stop Online Piracy Act, of all things, after the UFC penned an editorial supporting SOPA. Hackers attacked the UFC’s website and published what they thought was Mr. White’s home address (it wasn’t). The spat continued verbally between @youranonnews and @danawhite on Twitter, where Mr. White referred to the hacker’s actions as “online terrorism.”

The cop, an ultimate fighting superfan, picked the wrong medium to root for his guy. “@danawhite get those hacking fuckers. I’m a cop in the bay area CA. I would go at them with both guns!” Sgt. Mike Rood tweeted last week.

Big mistake. “Hacktavists” (terrorists? activists?) saw the tweet and began bombarding the Richmond police department with reports that one of their officers was talking about shooting people and posted photos of what they claim is Mr. Rood’s badge and license plate.

The department has said it will investigate whether or not Mr. Rood had violated any policies and deal with it accordingly.

As for Mr. Rood, a trip to the DMV may be in order.

UFC Versus Anonymous Versus California Cop