3rd Ward Adds a Culinary Incubator So Everyone Can Know if Their Chicken was Happy

3rdWard's Food Incubator

Brooklyn’s 3rd Ward is a great place to take classes on art, sculpture, and hipsterdom. Where else can you drink PBR while drawing nudes, with the only cost being a basic membership fee of $129 a year (not including classes)?

But in addition to woodworking and jewelry-making, 3rd Ward is now offering a new opportunity for young 20-somethings with too much money and time on their hands: a “Culinary Incubator,” which will teach classes on asking a waiter with the proper amount of condescension: “But were all the ingredients grown locally?”

Opening in 2013, the Culinary Incubator (Goddammit, just call it Culinary School!) will offer the following services:

Traditional Food Preparation Techniques
Modern Techniques & Technology
Urban Agriculture
Health & Nutrition
Professional Development


Large Shared Kitchen with standard,
specialized & experimental equipment
Baking & Pastry Kitchen
Meat Curing Lab
Beverage Lab
Classooms & Event Space


Lectures, tastings, free seminars,
competitions, healthy produce
Event spaces will feature open kitchens,
dining areas, broadcasting capabilities
and more

Healthy meals (using select Member-made ingredients), fresh produce,
cooking ingredients, Member-made food products, tools and equipment

Good. Perfect. Just what Brooklyn needs, actually: more weird restaurants that focus on experimental meat curing, with chefs trained by an arts organization. Pass the Mad Cow, please!

3rd Ward Adds a Culinary Incubator So Everyone Can Know if Their Chicken was Happy