Greg Kelly’s Triumphant Return to Good Day New York

Greg Kelly was all smiles on Good Day New York this morning, the anchor’s first broadcast since rape allegations against him were made public on January 25. The son of police commissioner Ray Kelly thanked Fox 5, his family, friends and viewers for their support during the “tough couple of weeks.” The Manhattan district attorney’s office announced they would not bring charges on Tuesday.

The unmarried host gave special thanks to his loyal female co-anchor.

“I’m especially grateful, again, to this lady who sits next to me everyday, Rosanna Scotto,” Mr. Kelly said, “You ready to get back to work?”

“I’m so happy you’re back,” Ms. Scotto said.

Mr. Kelly reached for her hand, and applause could be heard off-screen.

“Just, watch it, because we’re going right back to where we left off,” she teased.

“Really? Well, I’m not too sure about that,” Mr. Kelly replied. “I don’t know if I want to work too hard today. It’s Friday.”

Asked to weigh in, meteorologist Mike Woods said he too was happy to have Mr. Kelly back.

“I wanna know where that tie came from too,” Mr. Woods said. “Come back looking good, he’s sharp, he’s good to go.”


Greg Kelly’s Triumphant Return to Good Day New York