Anonymous Videos Highlight Mark Murphy’s Acting Career

Mark Murphy gets hit by a woman in a bikini. (Photo: YouTube)

Staten Island Congressional candidate Mark Murphy, who had a brief acting career in California while working in finance, has only been in the race for a few weeks, but admittedly goofy opposition research is already beginning to leak out. Somebody has combed through Mr. Murphy’s movie filmography to grab the highlights and place them in a rather negative context.

For example, in one video, where Mr. Murphy’s brief role in a Dukes of Hazzard sequel involved him being physically struck by an actress, the YouTube clip is entitled “Failed Actor Mark Murphy Loses Fight with a Girl.”

“If Mark Murphy can survive meteorite attacks, ninja fighting women, and playing Jimmy Conners then he should be able to survive the shark-infested waters of Washington DC,” a source close to Mr. Murphy told The Politicker. “Mark was lucky enough to appear in a few B-movies which only means he is perfect for a race against a C-list congressman who could apparently be facing some D felonies. Just trying to keep it alphabetical. “

He added that Mr. Murphy was a serious businessman at the time and the movies were just for fun.

The anonymous YouTube account’s name is “MarkMurphyFromCA,” an obvious attempt to brand Mr. Murphy as a carpetbagger, a charge that will likely be wielded later in the election as well. After his announcement event, Mr. Murphy responded to a reporter’s question about his past residence in California by pointing to his status as a fourth generation Staten Islander.

Here’s another one of the videos, with unfriendly captioning, that involved him being beaten up by an actress:

Anonymous Videos Highlight Mark Murphy’s Acting Career