Auto emissions, defibrillators, sewer connections bills approved

TRENTON – The following bills were passed by the Senate, albeit with a handful of no votes.

S437: Passed 37-2. This prohibits the buyer of a used vehicle from waiving the obligation of the dealer to make emissions-related repairs. Only Sens. Joe Kyrillos and Mike Doherty voted no.

S658: Passed 37-3. This prohibits sewerage authorities from charging a new connections fee when the property is owned by a municipality or under the charge and control of a local board of education or the board of trustees of a charter school.

The senators who voted no were Fred Madden, (D-4), of Tavestock, Donald Norcross, (D-5), of Camden, and James Beach, (D-6), Voorhees.

S852: Passed 37-1. This extends immunity from civil liability for users of automated external defibrillators, and it eliminates language that prohibited a person from using an AED unless they had certification in cardio pulmonary resuscitation.

Sen. Nicholas Scutari, (D-22), of Linden was the sole lawmaker to vote against it.

  Auto emissions, defibrillators, sewer connections bills approved