Beautiful People Not Spared Misery of Valentine’s Day

Ms. Kandyba was recently dumped. (image via

Today DNAinfo generously served up the names, ages, and photographs of fashion week imports who are really disillusioned by the whole Valentine’s Day thing.

Take Mariza Veer, who’s been a model for four years. She says that “though all people deserve to get nice things on Valentine’s Day,” she was really surprised her boyfriend got her a lame blender one year, “given her occupation.”

“I won’t say that beauty has nothing to do with love, and that definitely factors into how people are treated,” Ms. Veer told DNAinfo.

Single guys with a savior complex may want to hit the tents and track down 20 year-old Ella Kandyba, who is not expecting even the most predictable chocolates or a movie, seeing as her boyfriend dumped her recently.

“I have no boyfriend this Valentine’s Day. It’s very sad,” Ms. Kandyba said. “He broke up with me because I’m crazy.”

Beautiful People Not Spared Misery of Valentine’s Day