Bloomberg on NYPD Spying: We’re Going to Do Everything We Legally Can

(Photo: Getty)

On John Gambling’s radio show this morning, Mayor Michael Bloomberg took some time to defend the New York Police Department, which is under criticism for spying on Muslims throughout the Northeast, including sending an agent on a whitewater rafting trip while counting how many times a day some Muslim students prayed. Today, the Associated Press further reported the NYPD “targeted Muslim mosques with tactics normally reserved for criminal organizations.” Mr. Bloomberg didn’t have any problem with these actions, however.

“Our primary objective is to prevent things from happening,” Mr. Bloomberg explained. “We’ve got to do everything that the law permits us to do to prevent another terror attack, and we cannot forget that.”

“We’re going to continue to take all possible legal steps to keep this city safe. We’re going to follow all possible leads wherever they take us,” he repeated later in the interview.

While insisting another time that everything the NYPD has done is “legal,” “appropriate” and “Constitutional,” Mr. Bloomberg further argued the police department doesn’t specifically target Muslims and defended his personal record on civil rights.

“We don’t target individuals based on race or religion,” he said.

“We have the most diverse city in the world. We respect every race and every religion. Nobody stood up for the right to pray or participate in our democracy more than I have. And that’s why terrorists want to destroy us. We threaten them because we actually practice what we preach.” Bloomberg on NYPD Spying: We’re Going to Do Everything We Legally Can