Booting Up: Proview Edition

This bird's not angry (The U.S. National Archives |

Paris-based Pearltrees raised $6.7 million for a new “related interests” search engine [TechCrunch]

Y Combinator alum WePay has served over 25,00 customers, helped collect $800,000 for Occupy Wall Street and grows by 30 percent each month [VentureBeat]

Chinese authorities seize iPads in one store as Apple and Chinese company Proview dispute ‘iPad’ name ownership in China; Proview has requested the banning of all iPad imports and exports [Yahoo (AP)]

Apple, formerly resistant, is now calling for an independent investigation of its suppliers [New York Times]

The coupling of Google and Motorola is approved, just in time for Valentine’s Day, as the U.S. and EU approve Google’s $12.5 billon bid [Associated Press]

OMG! Angry Birds for Facebook was debuted a day early! [CNET]

  Booting Up: Proview Edition