Booting Up: SwaggSec Edition

Mr. Berners Lee. (

A hacker group called SwaggSec broke into Foxconn and released internal passwords and server logins, encouraging people to place fake orders [9to5mac]

Tim Berners Lee testifies in Texas patent case in which a patent-licensing company called Eolas and the University of California want royalty payments from just about anyone running a website with “interactive” features [Wired]

People are using multiple monitors, and the New York Times is on it [New York Times]

The Electronic Privacy and Information Center is suing the Federal Trade Commission over Google’s plans to tie together data of users across services [Washington Post]

A SharesPost auction values Facebook at more than $100 billion [AllFacebook]

Techmeme now lists events [Techmeme] Booting Up: SwaggSec Edition