Broker Pimps Chelsea Loft With Skeezy Photo Shoot

Selling Higher

In the increasingly shameless game of New York city real estate, Michael Meier takes the cake for most grotesque publicity stunt to date. As part of his “Selling Higher with Michael Meier” video series—who needs reality T.V. when you have YouTube?—the broker decides to use a time old advertising technique to sell a Chelsea Loft: hot, nearly naked people!

“To market it, I’m putting together a really provocative photo shoot” he says, strapping on a pair of his sick motorcycle gloves and mounting his Ducati in the video discovered by The Real Deal. Cue girl in a thong taking off her shirt,  in a shower a with brief-clad beau. Cut back to Mr. Meier sitting on his bike:  “Let’s go behind the scenes!”

Popping wheelies around Chelsea in “his” Ducati (instead of taking the plane or  yacht) the desperate-to-be-cool kid finally arrives at 103 West 26th street. The next agonizing four minutes show Mr. Meier having make-up applied, various unattainably attractive people dry humping around the apartment and shots of the interior. “I’m ready to move in!” he says excitedly.

We’re ready to vomit. Broker Pimps Chelsea Loft With Skeezy Photo Shoot