Campaigning for Reelection: Grimm Scores Painters’ Union Endorsement

Michael Grimm receiving the support of the union today.

Earlier today, GOP Congessman Michael Grimm received his first endorsement as he campaigns for his second term in the House — and it came from a more Democratic-leaning group too, the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades.

“Congressman Grimm has proven to us since his election to the House of Representatives that he is willing and able to stand up for the members of this union,” Jack Kittle, the union’s political director, said in a statement. “Time and again he has voted to protect the rights of workers. In these times of fierce partisanship, he is a breath of fresh air … The members of the IUPAT stand unwaveringly with Congressman Grimm and are ready to do everything we can to make sure that he is sent back to Washington DC.”

When The Politicker reached out to find out which of his votes particularly pleased the trades union, a spokeswoman said Mr. Grimm “has voted consistently in support of Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) and to uphold the Davis Bacon Act, which ensures that laborers are paid the prevailing wage.”

For his part, Mr. Grimm brandished his blue collar roots, noting in the release that he “grew up in a union home where my father taught me the value of a hard day’s work.”

Currently Mr. Grimm only has one Democratic opponent, Mark Murphy. Democrats are hoping a string of bad headlines for Mr. Grimm will tilt the race in their favor.

Campaigning for Reelection: Grimm Scores Painters’ Union Endorsement