Can Mass Transit Be Saved on the Tappan Zee?

Everybody but Governor Cuomo is certainly trying.

The TriState Transportation Campaign just launched a new set of radio ads ahead of public hearings next week for the administration-approved, mass-transit-less bridge planned to replace the dangerously deteriorated Tappan Zee. The spots conclude: “Without transit, we’ll be stuck in traffic for decades. Tell Albany—we need transit on the Tappan Zee.” It is the same message offered by a recent video produced by the group that shows politicians and planners on both sides of the river and the aisle support mass transit on the bridge. They all want to know why after a decade of planning, after 280 meetings, it must all be cast aside.

Will the Cuomo administration really relent after accepting public comment? Streetsblog has been covering the issue closely, and their reporting on the environmental review for the bridge suggests the muscle-car-loving governor most certainly will not. Meanwhile the bridge may cost an extra $1.4 billion and taker longer than expected to complete. With all that in mind, why not take a little time and get it right. Can Mass Transit Be Saved on the Tappan Zee?