Cardinale opposes same sex marriage

TRENTON – Sen. Gerry Cardinale, (R-39), Demarest, slammed S1, the same-sex marriage bill, dismissing it as pandering and one that would break tradition, discriminate against other couples and create more problems.

During pre-vote debate on the same-sex marriage bill today, he said marriages have always been “unions of different genders,” involving one male and one female.

Cardinale added that the bill threatens to “change thousands of years of human history” and “reordering our thinking.”

He slammed the Senate for prioritizing this bill, especially given all the economic problems the state is facing.

Cardinale implored the senators to “come back to your senses,” saying it will open up a “pandora’s box.”  

“The unintended consequences could be more than we imagined.” Cardinale opposes same sex marriage