Christie: no more ‘gimmicky checks at election time’

TRENTON – Just so there was no misunderstanding a year after Gov. Chris Christie scrapped with Democratic leadership over the state budget, Gov. Christie won his biggest early applause line of his budget address when he declared, “I will veto any tax increase again.”

“Every New Jerseyan deserves a tax cut and they deserve one,” said the governor, anticipating the Democrats’ counter argument that lawmakers should re-enact the so-called millionaires’ tax rather than put pressure on local and county government services with state-level cuts.

Christie described an “out of control” tax situation fraught with “gimmicky” programs.

“Lower tax rates will relieve overburdened middle class families,” said Christie, attempting to head off the Democrats’ cries to take money for the wealthiest residents to sustain government services.

“To not waste your money is to not send it to them in the first place,” said the governor, referring to “Trenton politicians.”

“No more gimmicky checks at election time using borrowed money to buy your vote,” Christie added. “There will be no cut in property tax relief in this budget.” Christie: no more ‘gimmicky checks at election time’