Colbert Report Mysteriously Suspended [Updated]

The Colbert Report suspended production for at least two nights, comedy blog Third Beat reports, scheduling reruns for yesterday’s and today’s programs, which had previously booked Claire Danes and Susan Cain.

Producers sent a note to audience members yesterday apologizing for the last-minute cancellation and citing “unforseen circumstances.”

(Email screencap via Twitter user @benlai91)


An unexpected cancellation is extremely unusual for Stephen Colbert, who has hosted the show with the flu and in a cast. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart has been cancelled on short notice twice, once when Mr. Stewart’s child was born and once when a show staffer died unexpectedly. The radio silence from Team Colbert and Comedy Central is ominous, but given Mr. Colbert’s past antics, it could also mean he’s gotten up to an incredible campaign stunt. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Update: The Huffington Post reports that Mr. Colberg’s mother, 91, has fallen seriously ill.

[via Mediaite] Colbert Report Mysteriously Suspended [Updated]