Brooklyn Councilman to the Oxygen Network: ‘Take This Show Off the Air!’

(Photo: Oxygen)

Bay Ridge Councilman Vinnie Gentile is calling for the Oxygen network to take off the air a new program called, “Brooklyn 11223,” a show that has been called “as trashy as “Jersey Shore.”

Oxygen’s announcement of “Brooklyn 11223” said the series will offer “a voyeuristic look into the lives of a group of twentysomething friends whose once rock-solid friendships have been torn apart by betrayal.”

The exact nature of the betrayal isn’t completely clear, but Oxygen teases that it will involve “one friend [who] may have betrayed another by seducing a boyfriend.”

But this voyeuristic journey through friendship and betrayal is too much for Mr. Gentile, who views it as demeaning to women and his community. Thus he’s holding an anti-“Brooklyn 11223” rally with “female leaders of Bay Ridge” this Friday.

“We all need to take responsibility – parents, TV studios, advertisers, journalists, policymakers and even teenagers – for what is being watched by the younger generations,” Mr. Gentile’s spokesman told The Politicker this evening. “There is no redeeming social value or positive takeaway from the perpetuation of these trashy and classless stereotypes that serve only to degrade, denigrate and objectify women and Italian-Americans.”

“This is not what Bay Ridge is about and this not what Bay Ridge wants or needs. We refuse to stand by and let ‘Hollywood’ portray the smart, hardworking, proud, cultured, creative and compassionate residents of Bay Ridge in this light.”

The show’s trailer can be viewed here.


Updated: 5:15pm Brooklyn Councilman to the Oxygen Network: ‘Take This Show Off the Air!’