Culture Roundup: Baby Agent Edition

Vanity Fair examines the risks inherent in taking on a “baby agent”–that is, one in the early twenties. They’re better, though, than “in utero agents” in their teens; those little jerks just roll your eyes when you try to get them to do anything!

Scott Rudin has won the so-called “EGOT,” a distinction we would like more if it had a better name.

Gloria Steinem is pleased that Sarah Jessica Parker will play her in the Linda Lovelace movie, as she’s a big Sex and the City fan.

The Times‘s website ran two pieces on television in Putin’s Russia, both by former Russia correspondent Alessandra Stanley.

Steven Spielberg came to the Saturday Night Live after-party for some reason–perhaps he’s a big Zooey Deschanel fan?

Culture Roundup: Baby Agent Edition