David Weprin: Not Ruling Out a Rematch Against Turner

David Weprin (Photo: Facebook)

Buried in a Jewish Week story on Israel potentially being a campaign issue during  Congressman Bob Turner’s reelection campaign, Mr. Turner’s former Democratic opponent from his special election last summer, Assemblyman David Weprin, said he might run again against Mr. Turner.

Mr. Weprin said in a Tuesday interview with the publication that he hadn’t “ruled anything in or out” regarding such a campaign. “I do have the name recognition, although I would do certain things differently if I was going to run again.”

Currently, there is already one Democratic candidate decidedly in the race against Mr. Turner: Assemblyman Rory Lancman. Mr. Lancman has already raised six figures for the campaign and is a constant critic of Mr. Turner.

Mr. Weprin also told the Jewish Week that Mr. Lancman’s announcement and campaign committee is premature given that Mr. Turner’s district could be one of the two districts New York will have to lose in redistricting. There’s been some speculation lately that, contrary to previous conventional wisdom, Mr. Turner’s district will survive.

Could we see a primary competition between Mr. Weprin and Mr. Lancman? Only time will tell.

David Weprin: Not Ruling Out a Rematch Against Turner