DCCC: Hey, Did You Hear Grimm Is Facing Fundraising Allegations??

Michael Grimm (Photo: Getty)

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is out with another press release this afternoon reminding reporters that GOP Congressman Michael Grimm is facing allegations he broke the law in order to finance his 2010 campaign. Linking to a tweet from a member of The Politicker team reporting House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s statement that he hadn’t spoken to Mr. Grimm about the controversy, the DCCC argued Mr. Cantor should indeed be in conversation with Mr. Grimm.

The Democratic organization then “gave” Mr. Cantor Mr. Grimm’s phone number in the release. Mr. Cantor likely already has this number.

“The silence from Speaker John Boehner and Republican Leader Eric Cantor on Congressman Michael Grimm’s fundraising scandal is deafening,” said a DCCC spokesperson. “Leader Cantor pledged a ‘zero tolerance’ policy for ethics but it appears he has zero interest in even making a telephone call about it.”

The DCCC has also sent out a press release specifically “providing” Mr. Boehner with details on the allegations. They’ve additionally called on Congressman Bob Turner to return Mr. Grimm’s “tainted campaign cash,” as well as passing along multiple stories on the allegations to further disseminate them.

For his part, Congressman Grimm has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing.

DCCC: Hey, Did You Hear Grimm Is Facing Fundraising Allegations??