Dogone It! Pooches Protest NYU’s Seizure of Village Dog Run

Not sure which is worse, NYU's plan or these capes. (DNAinfo)

The Village locals are protesting the purple giant yet again. Ever since NYU revealed its massive 2031 expansion plan to celebrate its 200th year as an institution, Villagers have decorated the neighborhood with protests and picket signs. The Zipper building, specifically, has been a target of protest as its construction would relocate the Mercer Street dog park while 20 years worht of construction takes place.

Per usual, the villagers came out in full force on Saturday to protest. But it wasn’t just your typical “NYU is destroying the village” protest: there were dogs.

About two hundred of them, the Daily News reports:

The protest march targeted New York University, which landed in the doghouse over a 20-year expansion plan that would replace the Mercer St. pooch paradise with a high-rise building.

About 200 four-legged “Underdogs” — complete with blue and yellow capes — walked with their owners in the protest that ended at Judson Memorial Church.

“This dog run is ground zero for NYU’s plan, and we would like to see its relocation stopped,” one dogone activist told DNAinfo.

Chanting included a play on the Baha Men’s 2000 smash hit “Who let the dogs out?”

Didn’t the Village used to be home to creative artists? Dogone It! Pooches Protest NYU’s Seizure of Village Dog Run