Echoing Bloomberg, Lancman Calls For Congressional Actions On Guns

In the wake of another police shooting last night, Assemblyman Rory Lancman called on Congress to pass the “Gabby Giffords Bill,” which would close gun loopholes and reform the nation’s firearm background check system.

“Yesterday, an NYPD officer was shot with an illegal gun, while sitting in Congress there is a bill that would help stop the flow of illegal guns into New York City,” Assemblyman Lancman said. “Congress needs to do the math – close gun loopholes by passing the Gabby Giffords bill and get serious about protecting police officers and communities in New York and across the country.”

After last night’s shooting, Mayor Bloomberg reminded reporters that it was the third such incident in two months, and said “The three shooters have at least one thing in common and that is that they possessed their guns illegally, and that is true for nearly every shooting that occurs in our city. As long as federal laws allow guns to flow onto our streets, criminals will be able to get them and police officers will be in danger.”

The Giffords bill would require an instant background check for everyone who attempts to purchase a firearm at a gun show.

Mr. Lancman of course is not merely an Assemblyman. He is also a declared candidate for the U.S. Congress against Republican Bob Turner, who he as has assailed over his position on the Second Amendment.

Expect more of this as the campaign continues. Echoing Bloomberg, Lancman Calls For Congressional Actions On Guns