Ed Koch Robocalls for Lew Fidler

Ed Koch (Photo: Getty)

Former Mayor Ed Koch waded into the special election to replace Carl Kruger in the State Senate this week by recording a robocall on Democratic Councilman Lew Fidler’s behalf, and sources both in the district and outside of it told The Politicker they have already begun receiving them.

This isn’t the first time voters in this district have received robocalls from Mr. Koch about a special election; the former mayor recorded  robocalls for GOP Congressional candidate Bob Turner in the same corner of southeastern Brooklyn, including one bashing the Democratic candidate, David Weprin.

Needless to say, Mr. Koch is back on the Democratic team in this time. Here’s the script:

“Hi, this is Ed Koch.  I’m calling to let you know that I’m supporting Lew Fidler for the State Senate.  Far too often politicians disappoint us.  In fact, that’s exactly why we have a vacant State Senate seat.  But I know Lew Fidler and he’s nothing like those others guys.  Lew Fidler has the honesty and the integrity that we desperately need in Albany and he’s got good common sense.  The election will be on March 20th and you’ll hear a lot of things during this campaign, so I want you to remember this: Ed Koch — that’s me! — I’m for good, honest government, and Ed Koch — that’s me! — I’m for Lew Fidler.  I support Lew Fidler for the State Senate because I trust him.  And if you trust me, you’ll support him too.  This Ed Koch.  Thanks for listening.”

Click here to play:

Ed Koch Robocall for Fidler Ed Koch Robocalls for Lew Fidler