Editor: Inky antsy over potential sale to powerbrokers

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s executive editor told the Washington Post that newsroom anxiety exists over the potential sale of the Inky to a group of investors that includes Democratic Party powerbrokers.

Stan Wischonowski acknowledged to the Post’s Erik Wemple that the interest of former Pa. Gov. Ed Rendell and South Jersey Democratic Party Powerbroker George Norcross III in the paper doesn’t constitute “usual circumstances.”

“If a group of newsmakers, power brokers, and community leaders were showing up at a newspaper’s doorstep as potential owners, there would be anxiety,” the editor said. “The anxiety is real. …We’ve been covering a lot of these folks for decades.”

Inquirer reporter Mark Fazlollah adds, “There is concern in the newsroom about the sale.”


Editor: Inky antsy over potential sale to powerbrokers