Facebook Founder Eduardo Saverin on Facebook’s IPO: ‘What a Ride!’

Facebook is going to become a stock you can invest in as of today. If you haven’t already heard this news, you probably don’t even know what Facebook is (in which case: How’d you get here?).

Either way, Eduardo Saverin—the press-shy founder of Facebook who was famously ousted from the company in its early days, thus giving The Social Network a plot and Saverin a decent-sized cash settlement—has spoken on the matter of the Facebook IPO…

….On Facebook:

Saverin, it’s worth noting, posted about the I.P.O. before Sean Parker and Mark Zuckerberg posted on it.

It also occurs to Betabeat now that we’re in officially in the era of somewhat-obscure-but-no-less-‘historical’ figures having their onw personal comment sections. Which are, in a word, hilarious.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

End scene.

UPDATE: Saverin just posted to his wall a shot of the very first Facebook login screen, noting:

“With the IPO filing here, a look back in time: “thefacebook” homepage when the site first launched in February 4, 2004, only available at the time for students and alumni from Harvard University.”

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