Esquire’s David Granger at Tommy Hilfiger: What Other Zoo Story?

Bradley Cooper (Getty Images)

First Daughter of Mustique Elizabeth Hilfiger shouted “Is BryanBoy here?” The elusive Philippine blogger may not be, a P.R. type informed her. “BRYANBOY,” she groaned, exhibiting a classic vocal fry. Nearby, Bradley Cooper discussed football with New York Giant Victor Cruz–“I’m an Eagles man myself,” said the Limitless star–between posing for snaps with fans. We were stalking the gravel yard in the center of the Park Avenue Armory before the military-inflected Tommy Hilfiger show began.

Brad Goreski, of Bravo’s It’s a Brad, Brad World, chatted with The Observer about reality-TV fame. “I don’t know if I’ve opened myself up to a new client base–but I definitely have no secrets!” What was he here for? “I’m looking for clothes for myself!” He said he had some shoots coming up, too, but wouldn’t reveal for which outlets. That was to remain secret.

Upon leaving, we spotted GQ editor Jim Nelson. We asked him how his fashion week was progressing, though we were more interested in his publication’s recent zoo-story showdown with Esquire, the rival men’s rag that published the same feature as GQ on the same day. Perhaps seeing the glint in our eye, he said “I’m not prepared!” and scampered off.

Esquire editor David Granger, standing with a posse of young underlings, was more verbose. After telling us he’d been a supporter of Mr. Hilfiger for years, he feigned confusion as to the twin zoo stories. Why should anyone read his story over GQ‘s? “Wait–GQ did a story on the Zanesville zoo?  I was in California, and I didn’t know!” Then he looked directly into our eyes waiting for the reaction he knew would come. It came and he smiled. We smiled and he was gone. Esquire’s David Granger at Tommy Hilfiger: What Other Zoo Story?