Fashion Week Soldiers On, and We Take a Leak With Alex Skarsgard

Day three. Er, two? Day one? Whatever, Fashion Week is going full bore—and last night was something else. First stop

Skarsgard. (Rob Loud/WireImage)

Day three. Er, two? Day one? Whatever, Fashion Week is going full bore—and last night was something else.

First stop of the evening, a quick check in with Felipe Oliveira Baptista at Lacoste

  • Alright let’s see here: We’re in a shop filled with clothes, there’s a swinging jazz band, an endless supply of macaroons, followed by infinite champagne. Better than a hero from the bodega, no?
  • Felipe, the Creative Director himself cruises in with a decently-sized posse, which we peel him away from for a quick chat.
  • “How did Felipe get here?” we asked. “You’ll be surprised to hear it was actually through a headhunting agency! They found me, and placed me with a job. Simple as that!”
  • We want to be headhunted by this agency.

Moving right along: It’s time to see what is going on at these runway shows…Libertine men’s and women’s at Milk Studios

  • This place is a freaking mob scene. Umpteen floors of fashion mayhem, Milk Studios seems to have adopted the controlled-chaos business model.
  • Where’s our seat? Hello? Anyone? Ahhh yes, front row. Lovely.
  • Who’s here? Do we know any of these people? How many fashion bloggers can one bench handle? Should we be Tumbling this?
  • Oh, god. It’s that guy from the Princeton club. Or, wait, Columbia club? Ahhh yes, it’s the Princeton-Columbia Club he reminds us.
  • Lights out, heads up, flask at the ready.
  • We start whistling Kraftwerk’s “Model.” Nobody gets it.
  • The whole production feels strangely…cool. Sort of zen-like, a little mesmerizing. We like this.

All right, show’s over. Let’s see what Kristian Laliberte has going on at the Refinery29 party over at Double Seven

  • Lots of booze.
  • A healthy mix of budding media moguls and the fashion frenzied seemed to be just the right touch. Ms. Laliberte always seems to have a knack for this.
  • Hello Elletra Wiederman!
  • Is it possible to not like Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos? No.

Ok. How many celebrities can The Kills bring to DeLeon Tequila’s Concert Series at Andre Balasz’s Boom Boom Room? Let’s find out.

  • “Tequila on the rocks sir?” Sure. At this point, why not?
  • Everyone’s favorite human being, Andrew Bevan grabs our arm: “Come meet Erin!”
  • Erin Wasson double-cheek kiss? Check.
  • Who’s that at the table there? Ahh yes, of course it’s an overall-ed Alexa Chung and Poppy DeLevigne letting it all hang out.
  • Pretending to be low key Lindsey Lohan soars in with a hat wearing crew and makes a b-line to a dark corner, where they proceed to brood for the evening.
  • Hold the phone, everyone just lost their shit. It’s Alexander Skarsgard. Let’s see if we can peel him away from the lunch line of twiggy models, shall we?

Here’s what went down:

“So Alex, we’d like to ask you one question, would that be alright?”

“Of course my friend, anything!” he beams.

“How did Alexander Skarsgaard get here?”

“Oh man, I really like this question! It would be so easy for me to say “The elevator””

We agreed.

“But look, I see that this is one of those really open ended questions, and I like that! So many things brought me here, but first it began with my mother and my father. I owe them everything. Oh, also I really like The Kills!”

We continued our chat on The Kills briefly till the nicest vampire we’ve ever met announced he had to pee, so we took the talk to the famed urinals of The Standard.

“So tell me this my friend from The Observer, how did you get here?” as we both unzip our jeans.

For the next few minutes Mr. Skarsgaard did the interviewing, and concluded (completely mistakenly) that we too would be able to be as lucky with the ladies as he is. We informed him, that while we were flattered, the two of us were definitely a few standard deviations apart…

It crossed our minds as we zipped our flies and washed our hands that if there was ever a guy you’d want as a life coach, this is that guy.

Oh that’s right, The Kills are playing.


Fashion Week Soldiers On, and We Take a Leak With Alex Skarsgard